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Comprehensive Solution
When you choose FireMon for network security policy management, you’re getting 15 years of real-world cybersecurity problem-solving and the unique capabilities and services that come with that experience.
We take a holistic approach to security management that spans network security and operations to deliver on all four of Gartner’s components in a Network Security Policy Management solution: security policy management, change management, risk and vulnerability analysis and application connectivity management.
Our solutions, whether the flagship Security Manager or the recently acquired Immediate Insight, work together to deliver unmatched visibility, integrations, automation and risk reduction.
With this approach, you gain a single source of truth for network security policy management that reduce complexity, inefficiencies and errors within your security infrastructure.


Continuous Security for the Hybrid Enterprise

Security teams are drowning in complexity. Networks grow, segment and mutate. Compliance keeps changing. Cyberattacks just won’t quit. Managing it all can drive you crazy. But what if you could see it all, control it all, and provide security no matter what happens?
FireMon brings you the powerful fusion of vulnerability management, continuous compliance and orchestration that’s required to secure today’s hybrid enterprise.


Vulnerability management comes with a stack of trouble. It’s tough to make sense of scanner data in the context of your own network, leading you to question: to patch or not to patch?
FireMon combines vulnerability scans with your specific network configurations to show you the real exposures and attack paths that could bring down the network.


Compliance standards won’t sit still. Just when you think the configurations and rules are set, something changes. Keeping tabs on regulatory standards and internal guidelines is labor-intensive, time-consuming.
FireMon gives you continuous compliance, checking policies in real-time. Alerts tell you when compliance is drifting, so you can take action and never miss an audit again.


Enterprises evolve faster than ever – and so do their networks. Security teams need to keep pace with the business, yet never flinch on security and data protection.
FireMon lets you orchestrates every security configuration – leaving nothing to chance. Not only can you move at the speed of the business, but you can do so with unmatched confidence that security is rock-solid.

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